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Nutritional Cooking

Snacks & Desserts

Gluten Free


With no added sugar these are a healthy start (or end!) to your day! Sure to please even the pickiest eaters!

strawberry rhubabr popsicles.png
Summer Treat

Strawberry Rhubarb Popsicles

Have you found yourself deep in the midst of rhubarb season with more stalks then you have any idea what to do with? We're here to help! These popsicles are not only healthy but super easy and tasty too!

pumpkin muffins.png
Easy & Healthy



A delicious fall treat, perfect for a quick breakfast on the go or an afternoon snack with a hot cup of tea!

Guilt Free


Bake up this guilt free snack in under 30 minutes. If you like spicy then adding a little cayenne pepper to the mix will not disappoint! Plus, no one ever complained about eating 'chips' as a veggie serving!

Sweet Tooth Treat

Cinnamon Roll Cookies

Here's one for all the sweet tooths out there! Guilt free cookies that will also make your house smell delicious!

Guilt Free

Sweet and Spicy

This is the perfect snack to satisfy the need for something sweet and tasty! You can stick to our recipe or get creative with your own spices and seasonings - just make sure they are salt free!

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