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Nutrition Programs

At Herbal Magic Burlington we focus on 3 pillars of success with our nutrition programs; Personal Coaching, Smart Eating and Nutrient Support. This combination approach allows us to support and educate our clients to set them up for long term success.

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One-on-one coaching that focuses specifically on you. You'll get unlimited coaching, meaning 100% support, 100% of the time!

Personal Coaching

One of the most important reasons our program is different and effective is that we provide one-on-one coaching and support throughout the program by skilled, dedicated and caring Personal Health Coaches. We provide the right amount of support to help you feel accountable and motivated to reach your goals. People who have contact with a weight loss professional are more successful at losing and keeping the weight off, and the professional support network at Herbal Magic Burlington is unmatched.  We provide a personalized one-on-one coaching experience during your coaching sessions - with your own dedicated Personal Health Coach. Together, you and your Personal Health Coach will partner up for the duration of your program to monitor your progress, review meal plans and food choices, create awareness using the Food Journal and work to overcome any weight loss challenges.


We believe having one-on-one support is critical to long-term success, and our Personal Health Coaches provide personalized guidance and solutions to each of your individual concerns. These personal sessions will help you maximize the program’s benefits and acquire the skills you'll need to not only lose weight, but to eventually keep it off for good. Your Personal Health Coach will be available to meet with you in person at our center, or chat by phone, text, or email.

At Herbal Magic Burlington we coach, motivate and educate you through every step of your weight loss journey. 

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Customized meal plans to address your individual nutritional needs and education to ensure you keep the weight off for good!

Smart Eating

Smart eating is the key to long term weight management. At Herbal Magic Burlington we teach you how to eat from a variety of food groups to promote a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Your Personal Health Coach will educate you on the day-to-day skills to feed your body properly during weight loss and for life-long success during maintenance. We teach you how to buy wholesome ingredients from your local grocery store and prepare balanced meals so you can fit your weight loss program into your lifestyle (and also share delicious meals with your whole family)! Plus, buying locally doesn’t just make for smart eating, it’s smart for your community too.

Like dining out? So do we! Instead of telling you your favourite spot is off limits, we empower you with knowledge to make the right choices when dining at a restaurant and even offer a handy restaurant guide that shows you what’s what at popular destinations.

Together, you and your Personal Health Coaches backed by our team of health care professionals create flexible menu plans featuring wholesome, balanced food combinations for a complete nutritional approach to your unique health needs. It’s all about you!

Scientifically tested Natural Health Products designed to support your body during weight loss and beyond!

Nutrient Support

Losing weight changes your body—outside and inside—but change isn’t easy, so just like you, your body can use the extra support to keep all your systems running smoothly. Additionally, when you’re losing weight, less food means fewer nutrients to fuel your system when it needs it most. That’s where our exclusive Natural Health Products come in.

Our complete line of Natural Health Products feature premium ingredients and are specifically designed to support your body during weight loss and beyond. Based on the latest scientific research, the products suggested for you work together with your daily food intake to support your body’s healthy metabolism and function. Plus, we’ve created formulations that help combat the most common reasons weight loss efforts get derailed. Looking for essential nutrition? You’ve got it. How about something to keep hunger at bay? Check. Troubled by excess body fat? We’ve got that covered, too.

All of our products have NPN numbers and are authorized for sale by Health Canada. What does that mean? It means we’ve gone to great lengths to ensure that you’re getting only the highest quality, safest and most effective ingredients available in the marketplace that are backed by solid science. 

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