Stay on track during holidays with the Survival Kit!


The survival kit comes with a two-week supply of metabolism support and appetite control products.


The Survival Kit includes:

  • 2 Bottles of Formula F/B
  • 3 Bottles of WM-4000
  • 1 Bottle of Glucomannan+
  • 2 Bottles PB-5


This combination will help with water retention, regulating your blood sugar levels to keep those cravings in check, breaking down fattier foods with ease, and helping you feel fuller, longer!


Formula F/B
Formula F/B  is designed to support metabolism and specifically, utilized to support the metabolism of fats. This product supports the regular metabolism required to convert the fats from food, into energy for metabolic use.


WM-4000 Ultra is a natural health product that combines B vitamins, magnesium, and chromium to support clients as they work to lose weight. This product helps metabolize the foods we eat, and also supports healthy blood glucose and muscle function.


Glucomannan+ is a natural health product that promotes satiety to help you feel full. It is a unique combination of glucomannan with chromium and gymnema extract. It is an excellent product if you are overeating at meals or consuming too much food between meals.


Herbal Magic’s PB-5™ formula contains synergistic herbs that act as a diuretic and help relieve digestive disturbances. PB-5 is designed to promote fluid elimination. This product is useful for those who feel bloated and are retaining fluids.


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