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Join the 21 Day Drop Down Challenge! Look and feel your best with this starter kit! Includes week-long meal plan, exercise plan and coaching sessions with a Health Coach!



• 3 bottles of Lean Extreme

• 2 bottles of PB5 

• 7-Day Meal Plan with meals & snacks

• Grocery List

• Exercise Plan (optional)

• Coaching Sessions with a Health Coach

• Tips to boost your results!


Lean Extreme can be useful for those seeking a supplement aid to help them in their weight loss efforts, those experiencing slowed weight loss or weight loss plateaus as it boosts metabolism to get you back on track, or those who want to maintain a healthy BMI and weight after weight reduction.


PB-5 is great for elimination of excess body fluids such as those complaining of feet, ankle, and hand swelling, aching, and stiffness. Those who feel bloated and are retaining fluids, or those who are retaining water and also have gas and upset stomachs, can benefit.



C$188.00 Regular Price
C$149.00Sale Price
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