Take the New Year, New Me combo kit for a full month to kick start your weight loss resolutions and start 2021 off strong!


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Kit includes:

  • 6 bottles of Formula WM 4000
  • 4 bottles of Formula PB5
  • 3 bottles of Formula SB


Formula S/B contains a unique combination of ingredients that are designed to promote healthy glucose metabolism and carbohydrate metabolism in general. This product also helps with the metabolism of fats and proteins, helps in the development and maintenance of bones and provides antioxidants for the maintenance of good health.


WM 4000 can be useful for those who would like help improving their metabolism or for those who may benefit from support for blood glucose metabolism, such as those with unsteady energy and hunger levels throughout the day.


PB-5 is great for elimination of excess body fluids such as those complaining of feet, ankle, and hand swelling, aching, and stiffness. Those who feel bloated and are retaining fluids, or those who are retaining water and also have gas and upset stomachs, can benefit.


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